Business consulting – from strategy development to implementation‎

Thanks to my industry knowledge and extensive expertise I can successfully support you in a wide sphere of activities:

Benefit from support with strategic issues. I develop concepts and measures promoting the success of your business.

Are you looking to employ an expert on a non-permanent basis? When bottlenecks occur in the business, or you need access to specific expertise, I can join your company on a temporary basis to reinforce your team.

Do you need help creating your business plan? I can offer you support with the design and calculations – for a professional start.

You can engage me to develop effective strategies for sales and marketing, adjusted to the changes in the market.

I carry out a comprehensive analysis of potentials and examine workflows to identify opportunities to improve existing procedures and boost production processes.

Good liquidity planning is vital to avoid insolvency. I will advise you how to keep your company solvent.

Looking for support? Request advice today with no obligation.